We believe that patients do not need to suffer from painful and stressful veinpuncture’s and IV-placements.
The Vasculuminator is a new innovation, which provides anxiety-reduction for the patient and the nurse. And for the care organization we improve customer-satisfaction, increase productivity and quality of care.
The Vasculuminator is used during blood collection and IV-placements, to visualize the veins in the underarm or the hand on a flatscreen to find the best veins faster and reduce misprick
We enjoy working with patient endorsed initiatives and centers aiming at the best patient experience. Our passion is helping you to find and prick the most challenging veins. Especially children and babies, colored skin, obese patients, burned skin, chemo treated oncology patients, dialysis patients, but also women in general.
Our vision is that all guided venipuncture’s should be part of standard care, at every prick-suite.