Development of the Vasculuminator

The Vasculuminator is an initiative of Prof. R. Verdaasdonk from the UMC Utrecht. Verdaasdonk was looking for a solution for accessing the vessels of dark skinned children. The Vasculuminator was developed in cooperation with Pontes Medical. Pontes Medical assured a prototype was developed and clinically tested.
The Medical Technology and Clinical Physics Department of the UMC Utrecht delivered the medical-technological knowledge while Het Priklab and the Anaesthesiology Department of the Wilhelmina Kinderziekenhuis provided the clinical knowledge. Well Design provided the industrial as well as mechanical design.
De Koningh Medical Systems provided the prototype, engineering and production. De Koningh Medical Products handles the distribution and sales. The Vasculuminator is already in use in a great number of hospitals and children’s hospitals in the Netherlands and abroad.